Welcome to this little place in Texas!

Hi. My name is Elsie and I live in South Central Texas. I turned 55 in 2015 and retired from a 36-year, corporate, 6-figure-salaried position at the end of the same year. Life is a beautiful and fabulous thing, is it not? My intention with this blog is simply to connect with you-all. Over time, it will, I expect, become crystal clear as to what my interests are. My transition to retirement has been an interesting one so far, looking to spend as much time and money as possible on travel through downsizing to a tiny home. My over-50 lifestyle has become one of more seriously pursuing those things that have previously been only hobbies. I’d love to hear about your own interests, and your reactions to mine. Where I choose to live is definitely an indicator of who I am, so beware! Love you all; blessings and peace on earth. Let’s get to know each other!

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