In the heat of the moment following the Orlando shootings, the world seems to be on a fast path to destruction and hate. My prayer, as we push through, is that we can all focus on a few key thoughts: Let’s love each other, regardless of who we are, where we come from, what our religion is, or what we’ve done. Our purpose in life is to help each other, regardless of whether we are sinners or saints or anything in between. Judgement is not ours to make. Repeat, judgement is not ours to make. My hope is that we can all focus on being a light to those around us and, on a larger scale, to the world. I choose not to focus first on the differences between what you believe and what I believe. I choose to focus first on love. The rest will come.

John 15:17  “These things I command you, that ye love one another.”


Dear Hotels: Please Stop!


Pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that at the end of the day when it’s time for bed, I like to pull the covers up to my ears and snuggle in for a good snuggly sleep for the night. The older I become, the more important this comforting action is to me.

The last few hotels I’ve stayed in have provided warm and fluffy and wonderful beds, but me oh my, who and why do they always tuck the sheets and blankets in so short and tight that they can only reach my armpits when I lay in bed?! What is the point of this? Who sleeps with the covers tucked up to their armpits? And when I give them a good yank to bring them up to my ears, I practically give myself whiplash on top of a hernia because they will not come untucked. I’m sure this ironclad tucking is what some well-meaning aide has been aspiring to, but please. What this means is that I have to get back out of bed, go to the bottom of the bed, and practically use the jaws of life to get the covers untucked far enough so that I can actually get a good night’s sleep. Isn’t a hotel’s business supposed to be that of providing ease and comfort to their guests?

Come on hotels, seriously.

My Calling


Have you identified some ‘thing’ that you believe to be your life’s Calling?  

This is an ongoing struggle for me as I often talk with people who seem to believe everyone has a specific Calling and I feel like I should know what mine is. But I don’t. As I reflect on my life so far, maybe the first half of my life’s Calling was to get my son out into his life, educated, and making a contribution to the universe where he can find his own Calling.

At this point, if you’ve been following my blog at all, you know that I’ve quit my job, sold my house, and am heading out to travel the country with an unknown end date. So far, it’s as if I’m just following along a pre-planned route with everything moving forward very smoothly.

I have to believe that, after 36 years of surviving on the corporate fast path, now living as a nomad (sort of) for a bit will slow things down enough for me so that I will be able to hear and understand where God is now leading me. And why. I’m excited to find this Calling.


Gathering in His Name


This concept of groups of people gathering in the name of worshiping Christ on a regular basis has been weighing on my mind lately, so I’ll take that as divine guidance toward sharing my thoughts on the topic – for whatever they’re worth.

I spent a lot of time as a child in churches and gathering places filled with people. Multiple times a week. Multiple hours a sitting. My parents were strong proponents of their children spending time in church. Sometimes on Sunday, sometimes on Saturday, but gathering in His name was always a priority. I’m not putting that down. It gave me a solid base of Christian knowledge from which to move forward into adulthood.

The people in church pretty much look just like anyone else. They do; however, in my experience, largely tend to focus on the ‘letter’ of the law and completely miss out on the ‘spirit’ of the law when reading their Bibles. Does sitting in church every Sunday really mean someone is on the path to heavenly salvation? Does NOT sitting in church on Sunday really mean someone is on the path to hell? How is it that it’s possible for a person to sit through all of those hours in church and not make a single long-lasting connection with a live person? It has been my own personal experience that, even in a ‘church,’ most people will truly connect only with those that are like themselves. If you’re a little different, awkward perhaps, not so attractive perhaps, not wearing the latest fashion perhaps, you will be ignored, avoided, or shunned, even in a ‘church.’ Even in this place where folks are expected to be god-like. Interesting.

We are on this earth to help each other through our struggles. I, together with many people who do not sit in church regularly, collaborate in many ways in the interest of helping our earthly brothers and sisters in any number of godly ways. We provide regular support to many worthy charities such as Meals on Wheels in our local communities, local children’s homes, large organized research organizations to cure disease, people in other countries that are without food or medical resources. My husband and I are huge supporters of local public education programs. The list goes on. We meet regularly as events are organized in support of any of these charities and more. Some of our support is monetary and other times we provide actual physical help through serving in soup kitchens, volunteering to represent children from drug-violated homes, and more.

Are these organized ‘gatherings’ of people not meeting the ‘spirit’ of what God intended when he asked his people to gather in his name on a regular basis as well as giving a ten percent tithe to the ‘church’? Do we really think it is more important to sit in a ‘church’ with people who, again in my experience only, tend to think they’re better than those in the community needing help, than it is to get out there and actually do what we can to help those needy people? And it’s more important to give these ‘church’ people ten percent of our money instead of giving it to those that really need it?

I’m not getting it, but perhaps someday I will be enlightened. As of today, I believe my salvation is entirely dependent on whether or not I am willing to follow where my God leads me. In my adult life, I have not been led into a typical ‘church’ environment on any regular basis.


The Hard Part


Isn’t ‘waiting’ the worst?! No matter what the ‘thing’ is that you might be waiting on, it just truly sucks. Waiting for the doctor. Waiting for time to leave work for the day. Waiting for the next paycheck. Waiting for your favorite author’s next book to come out. Waiting for the train to pass. Waiting for time to go on vacation!!

For me, it is, right now, waiting for my husband’s retirement to kick in so we can take off! Wow. One more day, a gazillion errands, and we’re on our way…..traveling for as long as we want. No more alarm clocks. Can you imagine?

What could be better, but arggghhh! The waiting!

My Simple Joys


How long has it been since you’ve connected with anything on my list below? If it’s been a while, I believe you should take the time to think about it and enjoy your own version of simple joy today!

  • PJ’s that pass as street clothes.
  • The uncontrollable laugh of a child.
  • A spur-of-the-moment, just-for-fun road trip. 
  • A cup of my favorite coffee. 
  • Silence. 
  • Being completely alone in your home. 
  • Time out to watch a complete sunrise or sunset from start to finish. 
  • A nap in the middle of the day.
  • Reading a novel from start to finish without interruption.
  • Picking a day and a twenty dollar bill and embarking on a mission to find that perfect gem/thing/item somewhere, anywhere that I cannot live without on that day.
  • Genuine hugs.
  • Completing a task I’ve wanted to do forever, just never got there.